Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang City, Vietnam | C.1923

Photo Credit: Maki Shinohara

Built in 1923 and standing 70m (230ft) high, Da Nang Cathedral is also known as Con Ga Church or “Rooster Church” due to its immense bell tower topped with a rooster weathervane. The rooster, often mistaken for a symbol of the cathedral’s French origins, in fact represents St. Peter’s story of repentance and awakening.

The candy-pink building was originally constructed during the French colonial period to serve French residents living in Da Nang City. Reflecting its roots, a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary sits behind the cathedral, a replica of the Lourdes grotto in France.

Da Nang Cathedral was constructed in a Gothic style with motifs of Western churches and events of the Bible illustrated on the inside. The attention to detail with crown doors, rhombic arches, and stained glass art earned the cathedral a medal from the Holy See of the Vatican for achievement in architectural design.

The top of the cathedral’s bell tower offers an expansive view of Da Nang City, Han River and the city’s lush mountainside. It is only a fifteen-minute walk from the famous Dragon River Bridge that stretches over the Han River with an intricate design of a dragon arching above and below the passing cars.

Today, Da Nang Cathedral welcomes members of the Catholic community from across the globe. Services are free and offered in several languages every day. But locals encourage tourists to arrive early as space is limited.

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