Yura Ukhorskiy

Leipzig, Germany

St. Nicholas Church

This 12th century church played an important role in the reunification of Germany, and once had an extremely famous music director.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow Cathedral Mosque

The Moscow Cathedral Mosque is the most prominent mosque in Moscow, one of only four in the metropolis.

Moritzburg, Saxony, Germany

Schloss Moritzburg

This German castle contains the most valuable collection of hunting trophies in Europe and possibly the world.

Istanbul, Turkey

Salt Institution

This Turkish cultural institution resides in what was once the state bank of the Ottoman Empire.

Gorlitz, Germany

Upper Lausitzian Library of Sciences

Once the private library of the bourgeoisie and enlightened nobility, this 18th century library in Gorlitz, Germany was originally established as a scientific society for Middle Europe.

Saxony, Germany

Moritzburg Church

A picturesque church designed in the same stylistic manner as the baroque Moritzburg castle by the Dresden architect Richard Schleinitz.

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