Moritzburg Church

Saxony, Germany | C.1902

Photo Credit: Yura Ukhorskiy

The Moritzburg church is part of the Protestant-Lutheran parish in the Saxon Moritzburg and is a protected, historic building.

The 47 m high church was built from 1902 to 1904 to a design by the Dresden architect Richard Schleinitz (1861-1916) for the then parish Eisenberg Moritzburg. It was consecrated on November 7, 1904.

Designed in the same stylistic manner as the baroque Moritzburg castle, the church contains a number of historic features in the interior including the “Transfiguration of Christ” alter, four stucco ornaments representing evangelists in the double dome, and the organ built in 1904 by the famous Dresden organ builder Gebruder Jehmlich.

Over the years the church began to fall into disrepair, and starting in 1958 the tower cross began to fall crooked, and it was feared it could collapse. In the summer of 1961, local craftsmen equipped the tower and repaired the damage, but it was not enough.

In 1992 a comprehensive renovation and restoration was finally planned. For financial reasons, the work was divided into steps taken over a period of nearly two decades until the completion in the summer of 2010.

Today the church holds regular services and is a venue for the annual Moritzburg Chamber Music Festival which takes place every August.

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