Pavel Nekoranec

Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic

Maxim Gorky’s Colonnade

Originally built in 1889, this 19th-century colonnade is one of the only such structures in the region to have survived WWII unscathed - many were deconstructed for iron scrap to support war efforts.

Potsdam, Germany


Resembling a Turkish mosque, this pumping station houses a masterpiece of mechanical engineering.

Berlin, Germany

Schloss Charlottenburg

This Palace is named after Queen Sophia Charlotte, who only allowed her husband, King Frederick, to visit her here by invitation.

Berlin, Germany

Spandu Citadel

This viewfinder is found on a German fortress that is one of the best-preserved Renaissance military structures of Europe.

Pardubic, Czech Republic

Pardubice Crematorium

Best known for its appearance in Oscar-nominated film "The Cremator", this colorful crematorium still serves its practical functions to this day.

Berlin, Germany

Altes Postamt SW61

Originally a post office, this neo-Gothic structure's red brick facade and gable design stand in contrast to neighboring buildings on the Landwehr Canal.

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