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We love seeing where our Community ventures – and enjoy sharing those photos with you even more! Whether your travels are inspired by a spot you found through AWA, or somewhere you stumbled upon on your own, your photos always keep us inspired, and our bucket lists overflowing.

Halloween Adventurers

Witches and ghouls may be the traditional look for Halloween, but our Community members got a little more creative this year. Inspired by their favorite characters, see who brought the personas of Wes Anderson to life to celebrate spooky season.

Hamble-Warsash Ferry Shelter

The Hamble-Warsash Ferry, which serves the River Hamble in Hampshire, England, has operated for centuries — its earliest records of operation date back to 1493. Providing “on-demand” ferry service between the villages of Hamble-le-Rice and Warsash, the Ferry is also known for its pink-clad fleet of boats and ferry shelter.


Húsavik Light

Sixty-six degrees north of the equator, off the northeastern coast of Iceland near the Arctic Circle, the brightly painted Húsavik Lighthouse spends the winter in near-perpetual darkness. On December 21, the sun is out for a total of two hours and forty-five minutes.


The Butter Museum

The Butter Museum in Cork, Ireland is a museum that documents the history of butter production and sale in County Cork, and is housed in the former Cork Butter Market which dates back to 1849.

Situated in the Shandon area of the city, it was the largest Shambles (open-air butcheries) in Ireland, and the Exchange was located within this commercial area. During the Exchange’s peak in the 19th-century, Cork was the largest exporter of butter in the world, with butter exported as far as Australia and India.


Maritime Adventurers

Time to break out those binoculars and explore these seaside locations!

Nazare Light

Built in 1903, the Nazare Light is part of the Fort of Sao Miguel Arcanjo, overlooking Praia do Norte, Nazare (North Beach) which is known for having the biggest waves ever surfed in the world.

While the fort dates back to 1577, it was not until the beginning of the twentieth century that the government installed a lantern and a house for the keeper to support fishing activity and assist navigation along the Portuguese coast.


Mount Olstind

The tiny, picturesque island and fishing village of Sakrisoy is situated between the towns of Reine and Hamnoy in the Norwegian municipality of Mosken.

The island is a treasure trove of traditional architecture, featuring ochre-coloured fishermen’s cabins and a bright white squire’s mansion. The area’s sea-trade roots are apparent in its fish landing station and rows of fish racks that line the shore.


Salthill Promenade

The Irish name for Salthill is Bóthar na Trá, or “the road by the sea.” Stretching out beside Galway Bay with the hills of Clare waving in the distance, Galway City buzzing behind you, and the Aran Islands off to the side, Salthill Promenade captures the full allure of West Ireland. Even when dense clouds of rain or fog obscure one’s view, you can still feel the charm when you’re standing on the 150-year-old seaside “Prom.” Should you wander down this historic stretch, local tradition dictates that you kick the wall across from the Blackrock diving boards (seen here) before turning around and strolling back to town for a pint.


Location Scout Adventurers

Thanks for the tips on these AWA locations where we should explore next!

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