Community Corner

Four Legged Friends

There’s no better company than a furry explorer to keep us company on our Adventures! Let’s face it, any journey with them is 10x better and a thousand times cuter. So cue up the camera and be sure to carry a bag a treatos for those good boys and girls.


Loyal, passionate and always ready for a snack, this duo helps keep us at AWA Headquarters sane and on task.


Meet Dexter, head of AWA HR and 24 month consecutive winner for employee of the month. (We have a feeling he rigged it….) Although he isn’t great at filing the paper work or answering emails, he is a great listener, so we guess maybe he has earned his employee of the month badges.


A teeny red teddy poodle who is always ready to take on the big city. When necessary, she comes over to help out Dexter with HR Shenanigans, but they always seem to get distracted by the treat jar.

Got some adorable travel buddies of your own?

SHow us your doggos!

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