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AWA is all about sharing the story behind the facade – but what about the other side of the story?

This amazing Community sends in 2500+ submissions every month, and in addition to your incredible photos, many of you include insight into how that photo came to be, or what it really means to you. We think these stories are super compelling. We thought we’d share the stories Behind the Lens… 

During my expedition to Maine, I was walking the docks, watching the fishing ships roll in, when a mail ferry pulled into the docks. The man who was loading the mail expanded to me that he ships them (literals ships them) to the islands off the coast everyday. Then he offered me a ride to go island hoping with him. I loaded onto his mail ship and he boated me around for two hours letting me walk around on the many islands off the coast of Maine. I came across this old ticket stand, that is still working, on the island of Winter Harbor.

-Andrew Shackelford

Riad BE is centered in the heart of the historical medina in Marrakech. It’s a complete oasis tucked away in what is considered a lively and chaotic city. While staying here during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were among the only travelers in the area. We still enjoyed a traditional cooking class, hammam spa treatment, and lounged by the pool, but we were also treated with the time to spend with the staff – who all happen to be family (cousins, mostly.) We not only got to experience Marrakech in a unique way and stay at a typically booked Riad, but we got to talk with the amazing locals for hours. It’s a very special memory in a year where those may be few and far between.

-Jessica Kantak Bailey

Szentendre Station, a man sit alone in the last train departing to Budapest in the last rays of sun. Szentendre is a popular tourist attraction and the quickest and cheapest way to reach Szentendre from Budapest is via the suburban rail line. The train passes a couple of landmarks along the way: the remains of Aquincuma once-thriving Roman town from the 2nd century AD, and the ancient aqueduct that runs along the rails between the Kaszásdűlő and Aquincum stations.

“We are all on our way to someplace else, let’s try to be where we are, though. Thoughts begin to travel places in seconds, recollecting memories which makes you cry and smile at the same time. You may even start dreaming your future with your crush, have some dance sequences in mind to the tunes playing in heart.”

-Francesco Lopazio

It’s the brightest blue of Alpine days and the wind is whipping fog up your back legs as you race the final few metres to the summit. Inspired by the story about the “smallest chapel in the world” on the website, my memory recalled this marvellously miniscule Bavarian chapel, stumbled upon (after a long scramble upwards!) last October. The holy house on the Hochgern mountain is just about big enough to hold a hiking pack- that is, of course, if you’re even able to get it through the front door. Origin stories and explanations seem to be elusive, so one is left to imagine that it was built for the marmots and alpine choughs. And for travellers’ tales.

-Sophie Ruthven

I am a property photographer and started the role 6 months ago, prior to this like many other creatives, I was made jobless due to the pandemic. I had spent 5 years building my portfolio, working various dead end jobs to pay for what I was passionate about: photography. Finally in 2019 I landed my dream job working for a high end fashion house. 2020 was going to be my year for success, little did we know at midnight Dec 31 2019 what lay ahead.

March 17th, I was made redundant. Skip to May 2020, I saw an advert for a property photography job. Something I’d never considered. I’m self taught, so I decided to check out YouTube and obsess about everything to do with property photography. I whipped out my 10 year old DSLR and tested out some techniques.

My girlfriend helped me with a CV, I applied, and … I got the job! It felt incredible. I’ve worked for the team for 6 months now and could not be happier. Retraining was scary, and felt like I was giving up what I wanted to do. It sounds cheesy but In reality, I think I found happiness in just being able to take pictures again. If this pandemic has taught me anything it’s that sometimes you gotta go through some hard times, because the good time will always return.

Also, take lots of pictures!

-Solay Elibol

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