Snail Mail

We’ve Got Mail!

As many of you know, we’ve been on a mission to send some smiles via snail mail, and you’ve really brightened up our mailboxes with your fantastic postcards from all over the globe. Whether from Melbourne, Australia or Chicago, Illinois, you’ve all added delightful moments that make each of your cards special.

We decided we couldn’t keep all these gems to ourselves, so we’re creating a virtual mailbox here for you to take a look through all postcards we’ve received. Keep your eyes open if you’ve sent one!


Did you know that you can send little relics encased into your postcards?! We didn’t either until Stefano sent us a small piece of the Berlin Wall! How crazy is that? We’re learning new things with every postcard we receive so keep them coming.


Some of our favorite series of Postcards aren’t purchased on the road, but rather made at home! Who said you had to get your postcards from the farmacia? Not these Community Creators


Postcards that gave some more context to the image they shared.

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