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ICE ICE Iceland

Hofn, Iceland

Ingibjörg Sar

This visually striking all-weather lifeboat is part of a fleet of vessels that provide sea rescue operations in Iceland.

Látrabjarg, Iceland

Bjargtangar Lighthouse

The westernmost structure in Europe, and the only permanent building on Látrabjarg, Iceland’s largest seabird cliff.

Hofsós, Iceland


Iceland's oldest turf church bears the carvings of a renowned 17th century woodworker.

Vik, Iceland

Reyniskirkja Church

Situated on a hill, the Reyniskirkja Church is estimated to be the only building that would survive the volcanic eruption of the nearby Katla volcano.

Þingvellir, Iceland

Þingvellir Church

Thingvellir Church sits on the land of Iceland's first parliament established in 874 AD.

Reykjavik, Iceland


The Althing has convened every year since 930 A.D. making it the longest running parliament in the world.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Culture House

The stately structure in the heart of Reykjavík, Iceland was initially commissioned to house the National Library and the National Archives.

Siglufjordur, Iceland

Herring Era Museum

This museum commemorates the rise and fall of the herring industry that transformed Iceland.

Hellissandur, Iceland

Svortuloft Lighthouse

Powered by solar energy, the Svortuloft Lighthouse in Iceland is called the Black Ceiling because of the black lava rocks surrounding it.

Suðurnesjabær, Iceland

Old Gardur Lighthouse

The Old Gardur Lighthouse in Iceland was built low enough to the ground to avoid mist but as a result is always in danger from high surf.

Husavik, Iceland

Húsavik Light

This semicircular-cylindrical light house guards a fishing village in Iceland.

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