Government Buildings

Bucharest, Romania

Palace of the Parliament

Containing 1.5 billion pounds of steel and bronze, the Palace of Parliament is the heaviest building in the world.

Pécs, Hungary

City Hall

Since 1871, the melodies of the carillon in the bell tower of City Hall have rung out every hour on the hour, signaling the passing of time.

Bruges, Belgium

Provinciaal Hof

Built in 1892, the Provinciaal Hof was formerly used for provincial government meetings in Bruges.

Tatranská Javorina, Slovakia

Hunting Lodge Hohenlohe

In order to make sure Prince Hohenlohe's lodge would become a Slovakian flagship for Aristocratic game hunting across Europe, he employed dozens of locals to keep it up and assigned other establishments to be constructed in his name.

Tasmania, Australia

North Hobart Post Office

The Australia Post, in its 200 years of operation contains a large property portfolio, which includes 73 Heritage buildings that had to meet specific criteria to be on the Commonwealth Heritage List, and North Hobart Post Office qualified.

Minsk, Belarus

Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Since its early origins, the organization has been witness to a fair share of major historical events including a rumored assassination attempt.

Melbourne, Australia

Government House

The Ballroom at Government House is larger than the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace.

Reykjavik, Iceland


The Althing has convened every year since 930 A.D. making it the longest running parliament in the world.

Paris, France

Luxembourg Palace

Once the royal residence of Marie de' Medici, the Luxembourg Palace is now home to the Senate of the Fifth Republic.

Marfa, Texas, USA

Presidio County Courthouse

Built in 1887, this elegantly designed Courthouse in West Texas shows off its European architectural influences.

El Oro de Hidalgo, Mexico

Municipal Palace

Built in a former gold mining settlement, the Municipal Palace of El Oro de Hidalgo is distinguished for the English and French influences in its design.

Helsingborg, Sweden

Sofiero Palace

The former summer home of the royal Swedish family, the Sofiero Palace has a rich history and an expansive array of spectacular gardens.

Bogota, Colombia

Palacio Liévano

The Plaza de Bolívar, home of this government building, has overcome numerous tragedies to remain standing as a cultural centerpiece of Bogotá.

Budapest, Hungary

Sándor Palace

Destroyed during WWII, this restored neoclassical mansion is now the official home of the President of Hungary.

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Governor’s Palace

This early American palace burned down and was buried underground for 150 years before archaeologists tried their hand at reconstructing it.

Bangkok, Thailand

Saranrom Palace

This former palace has been the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1932 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Senate of Canada

Formerly Ottawa's central train station, the station's main concourse has been transformed to house the Senate of Canada's temporary chambers.

Vienna, Austria

Schonbrunn Palace

This 1,441-room Baroque palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historical monuments in Austria.

Saigon, Vietnam

Reunification Palace Bunker

This 1960s bunker was built in the residence of South Vietnam's president following an attempted assassination at the hands of his own air force.

Wrangell, Alaska, USA

Post Office

The post office for the tiny town of Wrangell, Alaska features an epic mural, installed in 1944.

West Bromwich, United Kingdom

Town Hall

The Hall's Grand Organ is one of twelve organs built specifically for town halls in England.

Paris, France

Palais Royal

Once the home of a cardinal and the French king, this palace was the place to see and be seen in the 19th century.

Kastellet, Copenhagen

Commander’s House

This house is the official residence of Denmark's chief of Defense, inside a historic fortress.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham Town Hall

The community of Birmingham banded together and made donations to open this Roman revival town hall after its architect went bankrupt in the 1830s.

Seville, Spain

Plaza de Espana

This stunning Spanish plaza was designed to astonish visitors during the Ibero-American exposition of 1929.

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Police Box

This police box is the last in existence of what was once a common fixture in England.

Oslo, Norway

Victoria Terrasse

Once a fashionable residential complex this building is now home to Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kyoto, Japan

ICC Kyoto

This conference center was built from a design selected during Japan's first-ever public design contest.

Moscow, Russia

Kremlin Regiment

This special unit in the Russian Federal Protective Service is famous for protecting the Tomb of the unknown Soldier.

Neuchatel, Switzerland

Chateau de Neuchâtel

This Swiss castle was built to stand the test of time, and has done so in historic fashion. Since the 11th century, it remains the seat of cantonal government.

Vannes, France

Chateau de l’Hermine

Now an administrative building, this French castle was once home to the Dukes of Brittany. It is named for the noble stoat, commonly referred to as a weasel.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Federal Building

This gorgeous courthouse is one of the last surviving examples of Romanesque Revival architecture in the Midwestern USA.

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