Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant

Zwentendorf, Austria | C.1978

Photo Credit: @doublekoek

In the 1970s, it seemed the future of Austria’s power would be generated by three massive new nuclear plants. In November of 1978, hundreds of workers prepared to begin at the inaugural and most impressive plant, in Zwentendorf. But it was not to be.

In a last-minute referendum, inspired by public outcry during construction, 50.47 percent of Austrians voted against nuclear power, instantly transforming the billion-dollar facility into a museum. It remains open to the public, for those who wish to take a peek at the inner workings of a 1970s power plant…without the nuclear reactor switched on. The power of public resistance remains its most profound exhibit.

📖 Featured on Page 113 of AWA, The Book 

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