Vidago Palace Hotel

Chaves, Portugal | C.1910

Photo Credit: Gonçalo Machado

The Vidago Palace Hotel is a historic hotel located in the civil parish of Vidago in Chaves, Portugal. Boasting a grand ballroom, spa and golf resort, nine suites, and 70 double rooms, the five-star Hotel is included as one of the Leading Hotels of the World and is a top tourist destination in Portugal.

Renowned for its thermal springs and mineral water, Vidago has long been a destination for those seeking medical treatments. Following the first hydrographic study in 1863, it was believed that the mix of sodium bicarbonates and “”radioactive”” elements in the springs had healing properties. Today, the Hotel continues the tradition through its relaxing thermal spas.

Built in 1910, the Hotel was commissioned by King Carlos I, who wanted to build a luxury spa resort that could stand out among Europe’s finest. Designed by architect Jose Ferreira da Costa, the Hotel was inaugurated by Carlos brother King D. Manuel II and soon solidified its place as the most distinguished hotel in the Iberian Peninsula.

Located in Vidago’s Centenary Park, the Hotel is surrounded by woodlands, trails, and three mineral springs. Nearby sits a luscious 18-hole golf resort that was designed in 1936 by the famous architect Philip Mackenzie Ross.

Through the 20th century, the Hotel grew in prominence as it became known for its lavish parties and prestigious golf competitions. In 2006, the Hotel temporarily closed down and reopened four years later after extensive restoration.

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