Sportpark Luftschiffhafen

Potsdam, Germany | C.1924

Photo Credit: Virginia Martin

From airship port to olympic training ground, the land that now holds Sportpark Luftschiffhafen has gone through a number of evolutions over the years.

Built in 1911 by the pioneer Graf Zeppelin, it was constructed as the largest airship hangar in Germany and the production of the first airships would occur here as well. However, after the war, and in accordance to the Treaty of Versailles, the hall was demolished.

In 1924, Potsdam returned to the site and began construction of a sports field, which included a stadium, boathouses, a marina, a small-bore shooting range, restaurants, and a lido (outdoor swimming pool). On the 25-hectare property was also Lake Templin, which allowed for a regatta house and course.

The SportPark provides unparalleled special facilities for the daily training of team FFC Turbine Potsdam, who have been a Football Champions League winner, and champions for other women’s titles.

It’s important to note that within the complex is Potsdam Sports School. The teachers, trainers, and educators not only help realize the dreams of devout sports-loving students with individualized learning and support, but to date, students and graduates of the school have won a total of 130 Olympic medals, 73 of those being gold.

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