Regent Singapore Hotel

Singapore, Singapore | C.1982

Photo Credit: Matias Galeano

The Regent Singapore is a luxury hotel built around a sun-filled atrium that ascends through the building’s 12-story interior, located in the Tanglin district within the Central Region of Singapore.

The city-state island country of Singapore consists of 63 islands, including the main island, which has an area of 683 sq km, and the highest point being Bukit Timah Hill at 166 meters (538 feet) located just outside the central business district where the hotel is stationed.

To integrate the hotel within the historic area, a collection of original art and artifacts reflecting Singapore’s diverse cultures was carefully displayed as part of the hotel’s surroundings. Prominent pieces include the Singapore Shower sculpture in the hotel’s lobby by artist Michio Ihara and the Harmony Fountain by Stephanie Scuris.

Regent Hotels was started by hotelier Robert H. Burnes with Japan’s Tokyu Group in 1970. The company was purchased by The Four Seasons organization in 1992 and all hotels under development at the time were subsequently opened under the new organization.

The 440 guest room property was opened in 1982 as the Pavilion Inter-Continental, but the property was taken over 10 years later by the Four Seasons group and renamed to distinguish it from other hotels that were not managed by company.

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