Petit-Rocher, New Brunswick | C.1797

Photo Credit: Jeannie Lovesey

Trodding through the tiny town of Petit-Rocher, most visitors stop to snap a photo with this little red cabin, then move on to the bigger attractions of the town (and with the town’s famous poutine, who can really blame them!) But today, we’d like to take a moment to tell the improbably grand story of this modest cabin.

It all begins with three young Acadians in 1797, traversing through northeastern Canada, looking for a new home. As fate would have it, when they spotted the friendly waters off the coast of modern-day New Brunswick, they knew they had found the ideal spot to set down some roots. Little did they know, those roots would grow and grow, establishing a legacy on Petit-Rocher that can still be felt today.

Centuries later, the town honors its founders through its three wharfside cabins — one red, one white, one blue. The French influence here runs deep. Most inhabitants of Petit-Rocher are French-speaking, and the local culture is steeped in French tradition, relatively untouched by the modern cultural influence of the rest of the country.

Canadians everywhere view Petit-Rocher as something of a bucket-list item, vacationing to this little enclave, eager for a chance to see a curious place so filled with tradition, it seems untouched by time. So after snapping your selfie with the famed cabins, be sure to pay homage to the founders of this charming place, French-style, saying “merci!” and “bon voyage!” as you pop a fork into your poutine!

Written By: Drew Tweedy

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