Palazzo Ducezio

Noto, Italy | C.1830

Photo Credit: @deborahlocastro

Palazzo Ducezio is the core of Noto, in southeast Sicily, and serves as town hall. Named for the city’s founder, the baroque palace has a magnificent convex exterior—but is best known for its evocative Sala degli specchi (“Hall of Mirrors”), an oval room embellished with Louis XV decor and gargantuan mirrors. Gold-framed reflections may please the vainer visitors but shouldn’t detract from the side panels, which elaborate on the city’s splendor via a sort of collage of preserved items from Noto’s past.

📖 Featured on Page 216 of AWA, The Book 📖

One thought on “Palazzo Ducezio

  1. sondrafast says:
    January 5, 2023

    I like this, looks to be filled with food sandwhiches jars of salad, beans, cookies. pop juice milk delicious deli sandwhichws, chips and bath paper and stool

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