Norwegian Pearl

Menorca, Spain | C.2005

Photo Credit: Amy Bates-Nelson

The Norwegian Pearl is a Jewel class cruise ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line. Built in 2005, this 965-foot-long cruise ship can carry 2,934 passengers and sails routes primarily around Alaska and the Caribbean. It is known for its special interest cruises involving musical acts from the rock genre.

The Pearl is the third Jewel Class cruise ship out of four built by Norwegian. Its beginnings were as electric as the musical acts that would soon rock its decks. A year after its construction, the ship’s first attempt to pass under a power line on the Erms River in Germany is suspected to have caused a massive power outage that affected all of Europe.

Soon following its high-voltage debut, the ship embarked on her maiden voyage out of Miami. Since 2012, it has been the venue of the annual “KISS Kruise” hosted by the legendary rock group KISS along with countless other rock-themed cruises.

Beyond its rock n’ roll roots, the ship has also hosted themed cruises around the American TV shows “The Walking Dead” and “Star Trek”. Currently, the Pearl cruises to the Caribbean out of New Orleans and to Alaska out of Seattle. As of last year, it also started sailing out of Europe.

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