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Mount Olstind

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Sakrisoy, Norway

Photo Credit: Maria Vanonen

The tiny, picturesque island and fishing village of Sakrisoy is situated between the towns of Reine and Hamnoy in the Norwegian municipality of Mosken.

The island is a treasure trove of traditional architecture, featuring ochre-coloured fishermen’s cabins and a bright white squire’s mansion. The area’s sea-trade roots are apparent in its fish landing station and rows of fish racks that line the shore.

A narrow road meanders its way across the island exhibiting ocean views on all sides as well as the majestically jagged Lofoten mountains. Sakrisoy radiates a traditional charm that relays its legendary cultural history.

Sven Kornelius Gylseth bought the island of Sakrisoy in 1889 and built a manor house. He was originally a headmaster in Steigen on the mainland, but was also public guardian and “overseer of the poor”. Gylseth ran the country store, which was a large shop at the time, and purchased daily catches from the many fishermen of the island.

Looking across the Reinefjord from Sakrisoy, the iconic Mount Olstind dominates the foreground, forged in rock nearly 3 billion years ago. The bedrock here is among the oldest in northern Europe, carved by glaciers and tough climatic conditions to create uniquely jagged formations.

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