La Corbiere Lighthouse

La Corbiere, Jersey | C.1874

Photo Credit: Constanze Bauer

The La Corbiere Lighthouse, located in the British Isles, was the first lighthouse to be built of reinforced conrete and its light is visible for up to 18 miles (29 kms) in clear weather.

The name La Corbiere, first recorded in 1309, means the place of the ravens or crows; however, in the 1850s Victor Hugo described it as ‘the herdsman of the waves’.

This south-west corner of the island had a fearsome reputation amongst sailors and was the scene of many wrecks. The 10-meter high lighthouse, designed by Sir John Coode, was completed in November 1873 and was switched on the following April.

Built on a rock 500 yards from the shore, it was the world’s first concrete lighthouse.

The lighthouse is 35 feet high. On the side of the causeway a carved stone commemorates Peter Larbalestier, the assistant lighthouse keeper, who drowned trying to rescue a visitor who had been cut off by the tide on May 28, 1946.

The lighthouse at La Corbiere is one of the most photographed landmarks in Jersey and is a popular tourist site for its panoramic views. In the evenings the surrounding area provides an ideal viewing point for sunsets.

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