Hotel Las Cortes

Cadiz, Spain | C.1859

Photo Credit: oncewaslost

Hotel Las Cortes is a historic luxury hotel located in the ancient port city of Cadiz, Spain. Completed in 1859, the structure was built for the Marquis de Canada and was intended to operate as a hotel and a site for his commercial businesses.

The hotel’s ground floor was dedicated to entertaining guests. Its first floor contained offices while the second floor was the private residence for the Marquis and his family. The third floor, meanwhile, functioned as living quarters for the hotel staff.

At the time of the hotel’s construction, Cadiz was experiencing an increase in maritime commerce. Many merchants moved their colonial trade from Seville to Cadiz as the city’s geographical and commercial conditions were better adapted to increased shipping. Situated close to the ports, the hotel’s tower was tall enough to monitor the sea traffic below.

Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, known for his fairy tales and children’s stories including The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and many others, traveled throughout Europe often, and enjoyed visiting Cadiz. He stayed at the Hotel in 1862 when it was called “La Fonda de Paris”.

Today, the Hotel Las Cortes operates year-round and is a popular place for social events and business meetings. Each room is dedicated to well-known personalities and locales of Cadiz.

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