George Eastman Museum

Rochester, New York | C.1905

Photo Credit: Accidentally Wes Anderson

Eastman’s travels were what first brought him to photography, and it was his unprecedented vision that brought photography to the masses. In the late 19th Century, he transformed the lavish and complicated newfound pastime into a simple, accessible hobby for all. He not only invented roll film, his coined slogan told the success story simply and pointedly, ‘You push the button, we do the rest.’

Eastman lived an adventurous life while also finding solace in his reclusive nature. He was the type of person to stand in front of a stampeding rhino just to capture the perfect shot, but also spent hours alone reading & listening to music in his opulent estate.

Aside from his home, Eastman allowed himself few extravagances, preferring instead to donate his wealth to the greater good in monumental fashion – ultimately leaving his entire estate to the University of Rochester. In fact, only John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie donated more than Eastman during his time.

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