Fjord1 ASA

Molde, Norway | C.1858

Photo Credit: Danielle Dougall

Fjord1 ASA, headquartered in Molde, is Norway’s largest ferry car operator. The organization in its current state was established upon merging a number of local ferry services in 1920, but ferry passenger service in Norway dates back to 1858 when the shipping company Fylkesbaatane i Sogn og Fjordane used steam ships to transport passengers between Bergen and Sogn of Fjordane. By 1919, the company had 14 steamships.

During the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, the company grew along with the expansion of Norwegian transportation infrastructure following World War II.  Fylkesbaatane focused on making fast passenger boats and car ferries, which were a priority at the time. The bulk of the Fylkesbaatane fleet still consists of ferries built between 1960 and 1980. Fylkesbaatane merged with its competitor More og Romsdal Fylkesbatar in 2001 to become Fjord1 ASA, and still provides passenger service.

Today, Fjord employs 900 people and operates 37 ferries on 27 routes, servicing 66 destinations in More og Romsdal county. In a typical year, Fjord transports about 4.5 million cars and over 10 million passengers.

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