Carson Mansion

Eureka, California | C.1886

Photo Credit: Bruce Fingerhood

Dawning a fairytale appearance, this green toned manor known as the Carson Mansion is a significant Victorian manor located in Old Town, Eureka, California. The lavish mansion is now home to the Ingomar Club which services as an elegant supper club.

The mansion was originally constructed between 1884 and 1885 for William and Sarah Carson. The three-story, 18-room structure was designed by the well-known Newsom Brothers who hailed from San Francisco. The architectural design is melting pot of inspirations, including Queen Anne, Gothic, Italian and French influences.

The interiors are just as astonishing as the exteriors. Warm carved wood runs throughout the structure creating a collective element that ties all the rooms together. Detailed stained glass dawns the windows, allowing for eloquent storytelling in illuminated fashion.

Carson heirs lived in the mansion until the 1940s when it was left unoccupied. The heirs could not find a buyer for the grand building. And it suddenly became at risk of being demolished for its prime multi-acre grounds. It was during this time that J.H Crothers and Carl Gustafson were holding meetings with other Eureka businessmen to start a men’s club, and the idea of purchasing the Carson hotel as the location of the new club was proposed.

The newly formed club officially took over the elegant structure in 1950 and has been committed to the upkeeping of the old building and its history. Naming of the club was a dubious feat. Early members believed it should hark to the history of the Carson’s. The men finally landed on the Ingomar club, which was named after the theater that William Carson Built and named after his favorite play “Ingomar the Barbarian”.

The mansion is still home to the Ingomar Club, and only members are allowed to access its unique interiors. Benefits of membership include exceptional dining, access to a distinguished collection of art and antiques, personalized tours of the mansion, as well as overnight accommodations in the painteresque mansion.

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