Bearcat Stables

Edwards, Colorado

Photo Credit: Erica McCarthy

Situated along the Squaw Creek in the Cordillera Valley just outside of Edwards, Colorado, Bearcat Stables offers seasoned wranglers, avid horseback riders, or novice newcomers the opportunity to hop in the saddle and take in the stunning, bucolic views of Colorado by horseback.

Located on the historic Bearden Homestead, the Stables hold a long history tied to the land. Settled in the early 1900s, the property was last owned by Ellis Bearcat Bearden. Bearcat raised cattle and grew crops through the 20th century until he sold the ranch to the town of Cordillera in the early 1990s. Within a decade, the property was restored and transformed into riding stables and opened to the public.

Currently owned by Leeds Butcher and Nicole Godley – both avid equestrians – the Stables employ a team of professional wranglers that guide riders through the Colorado backcountry. Excursions vary from one-hour trails to four-day treks into Aspen, Colorado. Many of the wranglers are native to the area, have been riding since they were children, know how to drive cattle and compete in team roping events.

Along with the Stables, the grounds include Bearcat’s Cabin, a rustic family-style restaurant located in the original Bearden family homestead cabin.  Those who visit can enjoy sleigh ride tours throughout the valley or tours through two original cabins located on site.  Along with trail rides and Bearcat’s Cabin, the grounds are also available for weddings, events, and hunting trips.

Catering to the inner cowboy and cowgirl, Bearcat Stables embodies the spirit of the American West through its wholesome hospitality and adventurous exploration of Colorado’s rugged wilderness.

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