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Armchair Explorer

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London, United Kingdom

The Mildmay Club

One of the last "Working Men's Clubs" in London, Mildmay is a testament to Community and belonging.

Somerset, United Kingdom

Frome Railway Station

This mid-19th century British train station played a fateful role in modern literature.

London, United Kingdom

Wallace Collection

This unparalleled personal art collection opened to the public in London with one condition - that no object should ever leave, even on loan.

London, United Kingdom

Marshall Street Baths

This marble-lined pool is housed in an Art Deco recreation complex on the site of even older public baths.

London, United Kingdom

Horniman Museum & Gardens

The Horniman Museum & Gardens in London, England is most well-known for its large collection of taxidermy.

London, United Kingdom

Royal Naval Asylum

These lavish brick buildings assembled in the Tudoresque style were erected to house the widows of naval officers killed at sea.

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