Off the beaten path

The Southernmost Library

We are big fans of Little Free Libraries (LFL), and no matter what country we travel to, we tend to find ourselves happening upon one. To date there are more than 100,000 LFLs around the world in 108 different countries, and now – thanks to a super smart scientist – there is one on each of the 7 Continents, including Antarctica.

Dr. Russell Schnell is an atmospheric scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). But when he was growing up, access to books was not the norm, so “whenever possible later in life, [he] acquired books.” And sharing the beauty of knowledge and providing easy access to books for others has been a primary goal of his ever since. To date he is responsible for the installation of 37 LFLs all over the globe. 

So now, in a place where the temperature can drop to -125 Fahrenheit and there is no sunlight for up to six months at a time, (read that one more time…no sunlight for six months at a time!), a beacon can be found chock full of “photos of colorful treats, warm deserts, water, beaches, wheat fields, and animals & birds.”

Oh and just because he has laid claim to the most remote library in the world, don’t think for a second that Dr. Schnell is done. He has another 12 libraries lined up for placement once it is safe to travel – so stay tuned for his next reading rainbow adventure! 

PS: Did you know that Penguins actually do not call the South Pole home? But not to worry, your bold & beautiful bird fix is easily achieved thanks to the somewhat similar Puffin who does, in fact, roam the arctic.

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