Yeongdo Lighthouse

Busan, South Korea | C.1906

Photo Credit: Sam Hopkins

The Yeongdo Lighthouse is located in Taejondae Park, a lush park situated in the southernmost point of Busan, Korea’s largest port city. Established in 1876, the Port of Busan began as a small seaport for trade between Korea, China, and Japan. It rapidly grew into a commercial hub, and as ships sailed through its waterways, the need for a lighthouse grew.

Taejondae Park was chosen as the lighthouse location, and by 1906, construction was complete. Rich with dense evergreen trees along a rocky coast, the park has always been a destination for recreation. During the 7th century, King Taejong Muyul of the Silla Dynasty is said to have practiced archery among its trees – which made excellent marks for target practice!

Just below the Lighthouse, several rock formations known as Sinseondae extend out into the sea. Unlike the tales of King Taejong’s sportsmanship, the legend of Sinseondae is quite different. It is said that the wife of a sailor had waited so long for her husband that she was eventually turned into a singular rock on the formation, the Mangbuseok Rock.

From royal archers to unrequited lovers, the stories of Yeongdo Lighthouse continue to enchant travelers who wander its grounds today. Just keep your eyes peeled for any rogue arrows 🎯

Written By: Kelly Murray

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