The Economical Shoe Store

Valletta, Malta | C.1880

Photo Credit: @mike.0203

Valletta is the capital and the commercial heart of the islands of Malta. Described as an open-air museum, Valletta boasts a wealth of intriguing sites to explore—be they cathedrals, gardens, or relics from the Knights of St. John. However, this fortress city is also one of the world’s most concentrated historic areas. It is a town of delightful nooks, charming shops, and niche destinations that reward you for exploring on foot and climbing hundreds of steps to take in the full breadth of its splendor and surroundings—including The Economical Shoe Store.

After a mere day or two spent traversing Valletta’s twisting alleys and narrow side streets, you’ll be relieved to find the storefront, not merely for its charming facade but also to get a fresh pair of soles to carry you onward in your adventure.

Included in AWA, The Postcards 👇

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