Strandfaraskip Landsins

Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands | C.1917

Photo Credit: Julieta Seba

When your homeland is a tiny archipelago that appears to have been stranded in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, coming up with viable transport among islands requires creativity. Which is precisely what’s on display in the Faroe Islands, where the company Strandfaraskip Landsins operates a network of seven ferries that carry passengers around its string of eighteen volcanic islands.

With a folklore that counts Vikings, Norse gods, and giants among its protagonists, the Faroese landscape is as breathtaking and multifaceted as its mythology. Journeys on the Strandfaraskip Landsins ferries treat passengers to views that range from quaint village waterfronts to the astonishing cliffs that carve out the Islands’ coastlines.

For over a century, Strandfaraskip Landsins ferries have been running throughout the Islands. Given the scarcity of roads, the Faroese depended on these watercraft to travel; even between villages on the same island. During the early 20th century, private ferry services emerged as well, offering services to transport mail, milk, and large cargo.

Strandfaraskip Landsins (translated as “national coastal transport”) maintains a fleet of seven ferries. The giant among them is the Smyril, a roll-on/roll-off vessel that can carry 975 passengers and up to 200 cars, and travels between the island of Tórshavn and the southern island, Suðuroy. Smyril and her sister ferries help maintain the culture and tradition of sea-based living amid the Faroe Islands. And what better way to take in their range of magical environments than by enjoying commutes or adventures, from a waterside window seat?

AWA Community Insight:
pauldavino – Heads up for anyone heading there from Europe for an extended weekend: the entire country shuts down from noon on Saturday until Monday morning.

savoryhunter – a highlight of the ⛴️ is taking it to the “Puffin island” where you can hike and see them up close. The Faroe islands are beautiful

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