Muttern 12

Stockholm, Sweden | C.1914

Photo Credit: Marius Svaleng Andresen

Muttern 12 is a classic example of  Swedish National Romantic architecture, and is part of a block of houses that were built between 1913 – 1914 in the Hornstull area of Stockholm, Sweden.

Swedish architect Ivar Engstrom designed the building, which was constructed under the surveillance of building contractor C. A. Schonander. It operates primarily as a residential building with a few commercial shops on street level. When the block was built, the forms and shapes of Art Nouveau were going out of fashion in favor of the genuine and honest architecture found in older Swedish building traditions.

Keeping with this trend, the National Romantic style is characterized by dominant, closed facades of bricks or bricks with high tiles, reminiscent of buildings from the 14th and 15th century Vasa Dynasty. This style is apparent in Muttern 12, especially on the ground floor where raw bricks are visible. Overall, the National Romantic movement was inspired by Gamla stan (Stockholm’s Old Town) and Visby and Vasa castles.

Since 1980 the building has been operated by the housing cooperative, Spettet.

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