La Marina Lighthouse

Lima, Peru | C.1900

Photo Credit: @anaeae

La Marina Lighthouse (Spanish: Faro de la Marina) is an active lighthouse set on high cliffs above the Pacific Ocean, in Miraflores a district of Lima, Peru. It is one of the most famous and visited lighthouses in the country.

Originally constructed in 1900 at Punta Coles, a headland near Ilo, the lighthouse was dismantled and reconstructed in Miraflores in 1973 by the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Peruvian Navy. Since the move, it has remained situated in the appropriately named Parque el Faro, one of a number of popular parks above the cliffs in the city, which commemorates a century of Peruvian navigation.

The 22 meter (72 ft) iron tower has a gallery and lantern, painted a very dark blue, with two white bands. Its light can be seen for 24.3 nautical miles, and consists of a pattern of three flashes of white light, over a period of fifteen seconds.

Many have attributed the design of this famed lighthouse to the famous architect Frances Gustave Eiffel – the 19th-century French engineer who built the Eiffel Tower and designed the iron skeleton inside the Statue of Liberty. However, this seems to be an urban legend, as there is no documentation to support it.

AWA Community Insight:
MGBB50 – This photo must have been taken on a Sunday, the only day flying the Country’s flag. 🇵🇪.

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