Frederiksberg Palace

Copenhagen, Denmark | C.1699

Photo Credit: Christina Rungstrøm

No, this is not Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark, nor is it Fredensborg Palace on the island of Zealand. It’s Frederiksberg Palace (Danish: Frederiksberg Slot), a Baroque residence, located in Frederiksberg, Denmark, which today houses The Royal Danish Military Academy.

From atop Frederiksberg Hill, with an impressive view over Frederiksberg Gardens, the Palace served as the royal family’s summer residence until the mid 19th century. Frederick IV, inspired by the architecture in Italy, asked his father, Christian V, for permission to build a summer Palace on Solbjerg as the hill in Valby was then known.

The original building, likely designed by Ernst Brandenburger, was completed in 1703 as a small, one-story residence. The first major extension, converting it into a three-story H-shaped building, was completed in 1709 by Johan Conrad Ernst, giving the Palace that Italian Baroque appearance Frederick desired.

Frederick VI spent many happy years in the Palace until his dowager wife, Queen Marie, died in March 1852, leaving the building empty and in a state of disrepair. In 1868, it was transferred to the War Ministry, becoming the Officers Academy the following year.

The building has twice undergone significant restoration work, first from 1927 – 1932 and later from 1993 – 1998. But some elements of the classic Palace still remain; if you venture into the basement, you will still see the bath and mirror used by King Christian VII.

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