Diaz Point Viewfinder

Cape Town, South Africa | C.1980

Photo Credit: James Cairns

From this serial vantage point on Cape Town’s Table Mountain, no matter where you train your gaze, there is something that begs to be magnified.  Watchers from the mountain can observe the peninsula’s 2,285 native plant species (more than exist in all of Britain).  Meanwhile, baboons, flamingos, or even hippos might meander into view.

Straight ahead, in the wathat point, off Cape Town, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans begin their flirtation, set to meet about 100 miles beyond that point, at Cape Agulhas.  Nonetheless, their opposing currents churn up an abundance of nutrients, feeding a lush ecosystem.  As a result, depositing a rand and peering through this viewfinder is likely to yield a show of otters, seals, penguins, humpback whales, and even sharks amicably enjoying this diverse, swirling meeting of waters.

Full Story Pg. 240

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