Cinematheque de Tangier

Tangier, Morocco | C.2006

Photo Credit: Max Ablicki

Cinematheque de Tangier is an independent theater founded by visual artist, Yto Barrada, that focuses on film conservation and circulation. Created in 2006, the theater is committed to the promotion of film heritage and production through its collection of feature films, documentaries, and experimental films.

More than just a movie theater, the Cinematheque is an art center dedicated to film culture in all its artistic expressions. It also serves as an intercultural space for travelers, artists, filmmakers, cinephiles, and the casually curious to enjoy Moroccan and international productions.

Housed in a 1930s movie palace named the Rif Cinema, the languishing building is located in Tangier’s Cabash district. With 450 seats inside the theater and a spacious square outside, the center also hosts open-air screenings, workshops, conferences, and youth programs

Designed to operate as a permanent film festival, Barrada includes retrospectives of work by a wide range of directors, hosts a film club and monthly short film screenings, and maintains an archival library at the theater. The theater’s projection rooms are equipped with 16 mm, 35 mm, and digital projection.

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