Chateau Malou

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium | C.1776

Photo Credit: Rudolf van der Ven

Hunters, clergymen, and men of notorious repute have all occupied the grounds of the Chateau Malou. Built in 1776, the stately Chateau sits in Belgium’s Parc Malou, but don’t let it’s serene posture fool you — a long, fascinating, and somewhat tumultuous history has unfolded within its stately walls.

During the 17th century, the grounds were part of the rural domain of a wealthy aristocrat who built a hunting lodge on the land. An order of Jesuits then purchased the estate and operated a retreat house out of the lodge, but mounting tensions with the Catholic Church led the Vatican to dissolve their order — effectively banishing them from their home.

Lambert de Lamberts – a man whose name is surely difficult to forget! – took ownership of the estate. The wealthy de Lamberts built the Chateau and enjoyed his new home until his passing, however, this peaceful phase for the dwelling was short-lived. When the Chateau was obtained by a disgraced lawmaker it bore witness to events that led to financial ruin – the man later took his own life inside the Chateau.

In 1853, Jules Malou purchased the Chateau. A beloved politician, Malou served two terms as Prime Minister of Belgium. After his terms, he devoted much of his time to improving the town of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. In recognition, the Chateau and the beautiful park in which it sits, now bear his name.

Written By: Kelly Murray

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