Central Park

Vancouver, British Columbia | C.1891

Photo Credit: @nolwen_lg

Situated along the border of Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia is a massive 222-acre urban park by the name of Central Park.  Founded in 1891, this park was once a naval reserve set aside to be accessed for spare parts by the British Royal Navy.

The park was named after its more famous counterpart of the same moniker. The name was meant to honor Mrs. David Oppenheimer, the wife of Vancouver’s second mayor, who was born in New York City.

Despite its location in the northern hemisphere, this park houses a sliver of well-preserved temperate rainforest, a relic of Vancouver’s original ecosystem before logging in the late 19th century leveled much of the area. Enormous stumps still dot the landscape, betraying a history of deforestation. Luckily, the decaying stumps provide nutrients to surrounding plants and help the forest grow.

While the preserved rainforest remains one of Central Park’s most popular attractions, the area also features outdoor swimming pools, sports fields, picnic areas, a mini golf course, a playground, tennis courts and several small ponds.


One thought on “Central Park

  1. sea-grape says:
    July 16, 2023

    This central park looks a little different than the one I'm familiar with! I think it is kind of fun to imagine a rainforest in NYC :)

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