Cabin in Whitehorse

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory | C.2005

Photo Credit: @cabinporn

The vibrant yellow lettering seemingly offering a warm “ESPRESSO” unfortunately provides false hope to any passing travelers who come across this inviting cabin.  Nestled on Echo Lake, just north of the city of Whitehorse, Canada, this small abode measures in at a cozy 4 meters by 5 meters.  Running off the grid, the little home has comforts of electricity, a propane stove for heat, and internet, however, lacks running water and is accompanied by an outdoor commode.

As the Yukon Territory’s capital – and only city – Whitehorse is the largest city in Northern Canada. Indigenous people of the First Nations had occupied the area for thousands of years, but the discovery of gold in the Klondike region brought prospectors and stampeders in search of the glittering metal. So many began camping at “White Horse” – named for a series of rapids along the Yukon River that resembled the flowing manes of charging horses – that a city was established in 1898.

A healthy boom in the economy and population continued for decades following the Klondike Gold Rush. For years, rail, river and air were the only ways to reach Whitehorse until the U.S. military proposed an interior roadway and constructed the Alaska Highway through the region. By 1950, the city was officially incorporated. Soon after, it was designated as the capital and its name was changed from White Horse to Whitehorse.

Just off the Alaska Highway, north of Whitehorse, Echo Lane leads to lush wilderness surrounding Echo Lake where Peter Turner has occupied his cabin since 2005. During the winter, ice skating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are popular activities. With spectacular views of the lake and mountains, Turner has the splendor of the Yukon at his doorstep – where he perhaps enjoys a cup of espresso from time to time.

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