Brighton Bandstand

Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom | C.1884

Photo Credit: Sarah-Louise

The Brighton Bandstand is 140 years old, though you might miss that given how beautifully it has been restored and preserved. The Bandstand is regarded as one of the best examples of a Victorian bandstand that still stands in England today. When it opened in 1884, its purpose was to provide a shady spot for ladies to escape the summer sun. Eventually, musicians realized that the venue was a great spot to perform for a captivated audience. Luckily, Brightonians in the 1880s were not the only ones who got to enjoy entertainment in this picturesque spot — today, the Bandstand can be rented as a venue for weddings and other ceremonies. It also hosts Sunday afternoon concerts from April to September. Still working at 140 years old… with no retirement in sight!

Written By: Ellie Hoffman

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