Apcef Bahia

Camacari, Brazil | C.1930

Photo Credit: Rafael Kent

Considered one of the best private clubs in the state of Bahia, Brazil, the Apcef Bahia is a non-profit sports and leisure organization that serves employees from Caixa Economica Federal da Bahia, or the Federal Savings Bank of Bahia. Located in the city of Camacari, the club headquarters sits on over 22 acres of green lands.

Founded in 1930, Apcef Bahia was first known as AEB – Associacio dos Economirios da Bahia, or the Association of Economists of Bahia. The organization’s purpose is to bring together employees, retirees, and pensioners from various parts of Bahia’s lending industry including banking, insurance, and economic foundations. Its goal is to unite professionals through social, artistic, and sports activity.

Over the decades, Apcef Bahia was involved in a number of struggles around labor relations with the country’s Federal Savings Bank, simply known as Caixa. The largest government owned financial institution in Brazil, Caixa is located in the capital of Brasi­lia and is the third largest bank in the country.

Following the unification of Savings Banks in 1970, Apcef Bahia was integral in helping financial professionals win battles for unionization, six-hour workdays, and prevent the privatization of Caixa. For this, the club considers itself not just a place for recreation but a symbol of the commitment to its members’ well-being.

Within its Camacari location, members can enjoy acres of green land, fishing, soccer fields, the semi-Olympic sized swimming pool, volleyball courts, game rooms, and even six apartments for lodging. The Apcef Bahia also offers three subsidiary locations in the interior of the state, Ilhaus, Vitaria da Conquista and Feira de Santana.

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