Located a swift 25 kilometers from Berlin, is the regal town of Potsdam, Germany. Once the royal residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser, its city planning embodied ideas of the Age of Enlightenment crafting a serene and elegant balance of architecture and landscape. Through strife and war years, Potsdam has prevailed with little damage, and the residents' care of the historical municipality creates an utterly picturesque town that appears to rise from a fairy tale.

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Potsdam, Germany

New Palace

A palatial retreat with over two hundred rooms that served as a hangout used to impress visiting dignitaries.

Potsdam, Germany

Sportpark Luftschiffhafen

Before it was a sports training ground for young athletes to reach Olympic gold, the Sportpark’s site was an airship port built in 1911 by the pioneer Graf Zeppelin.

Potsdam, Germany

Neue Kammern

This UNESCO World Heritage site in Potsdam, Germany is an exemplary Frederican Rococo palace. Its seven-room guesthouse was originally a 1745 orangery.

Potsdam, Germany

Charlottenhof Palace

A unique guest room fashioned after a Roman caeser's tent is found the former summer residence of Prince Frederick William.

Potsdam, Germany


Resembling a Turkish mosque, this pumping station houses a masterpiece of mechanical engineering.

Potsdam, Germany

Schloss Sanssouci

This summer palace of Frederick the Great is considered by some to be the German Versailles

Potsdam, Germany

Cecilienhof Palace

This German palace hosted world leaders during the Potsdam Conference where President Harry Truman famously notified Stalin of the U.S'. atomic bomb.

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