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London, United Kingdom

Barbican Launderette

This 1970s London launderette, owned by the same family for almost 50 years, resides in an estate built back up from bombings during World War II.

London, United Kingdom

Horniman Museum & Gardens

The Horniman Museum & Gardens in London, England is most well-known for its large collection of taxidermy.

London, United Kingdom

Notting Hill

Now affluent, Notting Hill and its distinctive aesthetic used to be home to a humble brickworks and pig yards.

London, United Kingdom

Royal Waterloo Hospital

This hospital is one of the earliest buildings on Waterloo Road, and was the site of controversial psychiatric practices.

London, United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace

This fixture of British culture was nearly destroyed in World War II after five German bombs were dropped on the palace on Friday the 13th, 1940.

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