Timberline Lodge

Mt. Hood, Oregon | C.1938

Photo Credit: Tyler Brower

Ahhh, the sweet sight of summertime in Oregon. Sun-soaked hikes, picnics in the park, and, how could we forget… alpine skiing! Only at the Timberline Lodge, where visitors can enjoy the longest ski season in the country.

Open 12 months out of the year, the slopes serve as the backdrop for one of the most famous lodges in the US. But times haven’t always been so powder-soft for the Timberline. Not long ago, its very survival hung in the balance, only to be saved by a well-timed winter sports boom — then propelled to worldwide fame with a cameo in a Hollywood horror legend.

The story of this mountain retreat began during the Great Depression, funded by the Works Progress Administration to help support the local Oregon economy. Hundreds of local craftsmen came together to construct and craft the lodge, making every piece of interior decoration by hand, with craftsmanship so unique that no two guest rooms are the same.

The Timberline opened to the public in 1938 to much fanfare, but hard times came swiftly for the sprawling resort. Upkeep proved too costly for its four different owners, and by 1955, the lodge closed. Then, a miracle: Skiing exploded in popularity in the late 50s, and the Timberline found new life.

In 1978, it became Oregon’s 10th National Landmark, but its true claim to fame came two years later, appearing as “The Overlook Hotel” in the 1980 classic, The Shining. We won’t spoil any details for those who haven’t seen it, but it’s a scary one — so scary, in fact, that Timberline ownership grew concerned that no one would want to stay in the movie’s main room. Just like that, Room 217 became the fictional Room 237, and the scene of the crime melted away.

So current guests can rest easy, knowing their rooms are safe from any Hollywood horror. Instead, the Timberline brings a more joyous energy, spoiling adventurers with a winter wonderland, on demand.

Written By: Drew Tweedy

2 thoughts on “Timberline Lodge

  1. Tyler says:
    February 2, 2023

    LOVE seeing my photo here! Thanks AWA!

    1. David Buivid says:
      February 3, 2023

      It's a great shot, Tyler!

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