The Motel at Twin Mountain

Twin Mountain, New Hampshire | C.1970

Photo Credit: Brandon Freitas

Deep within the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Twin Mountain Campground has catered to the adventurous whims and nostalgia notions of its guests for over fifty years. Not much has changed at the idyllic family campground since it first opened in 1970 – which prides itself in its traditional American values – and its campers prefer it that way.

Leisure travel to the White Mountains first began in the early 19th century. In 1827, artists began flocking to the region to paint its vivid landscapes and untamed wilderness. Hundreds traveled to the area to paint in the style that came to be known as “White Mountain art”. One of the first artists to arrive, painter Thomas Cole, would go on to establish the Hudson River School art movement.

While stunning artwork inspired the early tourism of the White Mountains, the visual beauty of the area has kept people coming back for centuries. With the advent of the U.S. interstate system in the 1960s, recreational camping exploded as remote destinations were easier to access by car. To this day, the beautiful drive to Twin Mountain Campground is a highlight for many, and has only added to its allure.

Passing ski resorts, hotels, cabins, and motels (like the one seen above), adventurers driving along Route 3 through the White Mountains are treated to a trip back in time. While much of the New Hampshire wilderness remains unchanged, so too has the character and reputation of the Twin Mountain Campground, a place where guests can rely on the serene quietude of the bucolic escape.

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