Nowy Port

Gdansk, Poland | C.2008

Photo Credit: @czterysiedem

The Nowy Port West Breakwater Lighthouse was built in the 19th century to expand the harbor of Gdansk, Poland. This octagonal tower stands 11-meters-tall and is painted a bright green that matches the signature glow of its light.

The lighthouse overlooks the serene Bay of Gdansk, which holds a not-so-serene history. In 1921, Poland received permission from the League of Nations to establish an ammunitions depot on the Westerplatte Peninsula within the Bay of Gdansk. This depot would be the first target of German aggression in World War II.

On September 1, 1939, German forces attacked the depot in order to establish a beachhead from which they could invade the country, starting the Battle of Westerplatte and beginning the second World War in Europe. Dive bombers and naval artillery battered the depot for an entire week, with the Polish Army repelling 12 assaults before surrendering the strategic position. The heroic defense of Westerplatte served as an inspiration for allied forces defending against German attacks for the remainder of the war, and to this day the Battle of Westerplatte remains a symbol of resistance in modern-day Poland.

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