Gothenburg, Sweden | C.1897

Photo Credit: Kate Shi

This towering structure is the oldest in the quay of Skeppsbron in Gothenburg, Sweden, dating back to 1897. The building, called Merkurhuset, was constructed to house offices for various companies in the Inom Vallgraven, a busy inner-city district.

Swedish architect Ernst Kruger designed the building, imparting a Renaissance Revival style composed of a diverse variety of materials including wood, stucco, granite and limestone. These materials contrast in a cooperative sort of way, lending an eclectic look to the facade.

During the early 1900s, the building was purchased by the Swedish shipping company Svenska Lloyd, which rented out the remaining office space to other local shipping companies.

Today, the Merkurhuset remains an office complex that retains a Q1 designation, marking it as a historically significant piece of architecture that is protected from demolition.

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