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Malley’s Chocolates

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Cleveland, Ohio | C.1935

Photo Credit: Aubrey Meadows

Malley’s Chocolates is a 3rd generation family-owned chain of candy stores in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Albert ‘Mike’ Malley began the company with a $500 loan, and opened the first store on Madison Avenue in Lakewood in 1935.

When the first candy store opened, the Malley family lived in the back of the building. But their hard work paid off and they opened a second store in 1949, also in Lakewood.

While the company’s headquarters are still in Lakewood, the Malley’s manufacturing hub is now a 60,000 square-foot (5, 574 sq m) factory in Cleveland, noted for three tall pink silos with the words ‘Milk,’ ‘Sugar’ and ‘Cocoa’ painted on them. Each 88-foot (26.8 m) silo holds 100,000 pounds (~453,000 kilos) of the respective raw material listed on its exterior. They are outfitted with a vacuum pump system that goes directly into the facility to replenish the necessary ingredients.

The company’s signature confection, chocolate-covered strawberries, are prepared by a special 50-person crew around Valentine’s Day every year.

Malley’s is Cleveland’s largest family owned and operated factory, in business for over 70 years. It is currently a third generation company.

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