Magnisi Lighthouse

Magnisi Peninsula, Sicily | C.1892

Photo Credit: Germano Centorbi

Situated along Sicily’s southeastern coast, on an island that appears to be stuck 3,000 years in the past, the Magnisi Lighthouse shines bright. Located near the prehistoric village of Thaspos, the Light casts its protective eye over both the Mediterranean Sea and the village ruins.

Considered the first known city of Sicily, Thapsos is now one of its greatest archeological sites. While riddled with ancient tombs and signs of extensive commercial sea trade, its most celebrated treasure is the necropolis that overlooks the sea just a short distance from the Lighthouse. It has attracted tourists and archeologists alike, but over the millennia, its community has had to fend off a few unexpected guests — grave robbers.

Though thieves have looted the ruins for their own gain, a recent attempt left new holes – and a few missing parts – in the Lighthouse. Ambitious burglars not only dug deep holes among the tombs in their search to find ancient funeral equipment, but they also took the Light’s four solar panels. Thankfully karma didn’t allow for the robbers to escape with any relics. Their knowledge was misguided, and they happened upon a modern water drainage canal instead of hidden treasure.

Newly dug holes have since appeared among the tombs, but the Italian Navy has added a new power line that can’t be stolen under nightfall. Under the Light’s watchful bursts, we like to think that karma is one step ahead of the mischievous marauders who continue to comb the ruins.

Written By: Kelly Murray

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