Krka National Park

Lozovac, Dalmatia | C.1985

Photo Credit: Cathy Tideswell

Located along the Krka River in central Dalmatia lies the Krka National Park, Croatia’s seventh national park, which opened in 1985. This park was formed to protect the Krka River first and foremost, and today is the site of a wide variety of scientific, cultural, educational and recreational activities.

Covering an area of 109 square kilometers, the park encompasses seven majestic waterfalls along the river, which drops 242 meters downward from its highest point in the park to the lowest point. The area is predominantly of a karst topography, meaning that the rocks of the region are mostly soft limestone that are easily carved by running water.

While the waterfalls tend to be the park’s main attraction, the historical significance of the area is emphasized as well. Visovac, an island in the center of the river, was once a Franciscan Monastery. It has long been a place of pilgrimage, and can now easily be visited on a boat trip.

The park’s attendance has steadily increased over the last 10 years, with a sudden jump in 2015 when the park saw 1 million total annual visitors. In an attempt to protect the natural waterways, attendance was recently limited to 10,000 visitors per day.

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cardinalvirtue Pancakes are called “palačinke” in Serbo-Croatian and they’re definitely a must-try for anyone visiting the Balkans

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