Hotel Geneve

Mexico City, Mexico | C.1907

Photo Credit: Daniel Bravo

Depicted inside this hotel of luxury from a bygone era is the El Patio meeting room, one of four event spaces that showcases the interiors’ classic English style and greenhouse-like glass ceiling. The hotel has a couple other unique features as well, including a Phone Bar with its collection of antique phones co-created by foreign dignitary, Sir Winston Churchill and a private cinema with coffee breaks, cocktails, and room service.

But let’s go back to the beginning when – three years prior to the political Revolution in 1910 – Hotel Geneve was constructed a revolution in hospitality and travel accommodations on a worldwide scale. It was the first hotel to offer taxi service, dry cleaning, a travel agency, elevators, a tennis court, a beauty salon, telephones and bathrooms in every room, and even, served up the first sandwich in Mexico Above all, it was the first hotel to welcome women traveling alone.

Even on the day of the Revolution, the unfavorable president Porfirio Diaz decided to dine there with his family drawn by its world-renowned cuisine. During the years of upheaval and civil war, the hotel was declared a neutral zone hosting ambassadors and their families alongside revolutionaries, side by side.

For over 100 years the hotel has been visited by all the Mexican presidents, notable foreign dignitaries/celebrities, and by the end of the 1930s, the hotel received such international praise noting, “a confirmed reservation at The Hotel Geneve is like having a deposit of $1,000.” That must be one heck of a sandwich.

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