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Golcha Cinema

Jaipur, India | C.1954

Photo Credit: MIRSA

Once known as Prem Prakash Talkies, this former single-screen theater is now Golcha Cinema, a multiplex theater in Jaipur. Opened in 1954, the theater is part of a family business run by the prominent Golcha family, involved in film distribution in India.

The Golcha family were known as Nagar Seths, or wealthy traders who heavily controlled the economy. Nagar Seths often lent money to royal families and even to Europeans on interest. Along with their status, the Golcha family is known for their involvement in the cinema industry in Jaipur and have built several cinemas and theater halls across India.

Designed by W.M. Namjoshi, the theater underwent a renovation to transform it into Golcha Cinema but still maintains its 1950s retro architectural style. Its cement-rendered facade is in a light pink color and its entrance features cut-out lettered signage. Inside, its auditorium includes balcony-level seating.

The Golcha Cinema is known not only for its popularity but for its location on Chaura Raasta, which translates to “wide street”, and connects to the City Palace – home to the Jaipur Royal Family. Just opposite of the Cinema, is the former Film Distributors Lane where “Alam Ara” was released, the first full-length Indian talkie film to screen in North India in the 1930s after Mumbai.

One of the oldest remaining movie theaters in Jaipur, the Golcha Cinema continues to show films across its three screens – which are named Tivoli, Chandra Mahal, and Nile – long after many of the original cinemas have vanished.

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